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Sasha lived a simple life until her mother’s secret came to light. Now, at the age of sixteen, Sasha learns

that, not only has everything to that point been a lie, but now there’s a hit squad after her. To escape their attackers, Sasha’s mother, Jasmine, sacrifices herself so her daughter can escape. With her best friend Cassie in tow, and her mother branded a traitor to the crown Sasha must seek out the aunt she never knew for the protection she now needs. She hopes with the help of her aunt, she can unravel her mother’s history and prove her innocence. Though the more she digs the more she wishes for this to be a terrible dream. As she uncovers her mother’s greatest lie she is faced with a decision that will not only change her life but also the entire kingdom.

        Adalithiel is a modern magical coming of age story for you not so typical teenager. 

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