I stood there, looking at this stranger with eyes like mine, hair like mine.  It slowly dawned on me that it was her.  After all these years...it was her.  A wave of rage coursed over me as I stood there, staring at this woman.  I couldn't bring myself to call her that because she was never that to me.  Just an egg donor as far as I was concerned.  Then my dad spoke.

"Abriana, I would like to introduce you to Acadia...your mother."

Abriana was forced to deal with a lot of things over the short sixteen years of her life: adapting to a new neighborhood, the wondering eyes that fell on her when she was out with her father, the whispers of the town.  But this - facing the woman who abandoned her at the tender age of three days old - was the one thing she wasn't prepared to deal with.  When Abriana is forced to flee with this woman she barely knows, she soon realizes that her life will never be the same.

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