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Adalithiel Hidden Scene

This Scene was supposed to show a different side to Jasmine, almost like a prequel to Adalithiel. My original plan for Adalithiel was to have a couple of chapters focusing on Jasmine's history. These Mini-chapters would have started after Sasha learned of her mothers plan to seduce the Prince and have a baby by him. That she got pregnant with Sasha on purpose Though as I got closer to finishing the book these chapters were a bit too distracting, and they ended up messing with the final flow of the book. I hope you enjoyed this mini-chapter into how Jasmine met the Prince. 

She hummed to herself as she walked around the massive library dusting the bookshelves. It was one of her favorite rooms in the whole castle; ever since she started working at the castle, she spent most of her time here. 

          “Your humming is quite annoying,” a voice rang out. She jumped back seeing the crown prince Alessandro tucked away in an armchair.

          “Oh, your highness-“  she gasped clutching her chest, dropping her duster on the floor. “I apologize I didn’t realize you were in here,” she bowed.

          He stood walking closer to her. “I’ve never seen you before.”

          She backed up a few steps, keeping a fixed distance between them. “I’m new; I just started this week.” She was careful not to look him in the eyes.

          He chuckled, “Only here a week, and they already trust you to dust the library.” Alessandro looked around. “Alone. I doubt it.”

          She nodded, “I have proven I am competent.”

          “This has yet to be seen…at least in my eyes.” He circled her taking her in from all angles. “How old are you?” 

            “Why does that matter?” She asked peaking up at him.

          “Your Prince asked you a question!” Alessandro retorted.

          “I’m sorry, please forgive me. I am 19, your highness,” she stammered.

          “19,” he whispered reaching out, smoothing a lock of her hair that had fallen from her ponytail. “Much younger than what they normally hire.”

          “Not that much younger than you,” she whispered. 

          “Two years,” Alessandro answered.

          “Am I in your way sir?”

          “Why do you ask that?” he asked surprised by the change in conversation.

          She bit her lip to keep from smiling. “You said my humming was annoying.” She whispered looking at the ground.

          “It was until I saw you,” he added.

          “Oh.” Was her response. “Shall I leave you to your peace…Sir?”

          Alessandro pondered his answer then reached out, placing a finger under her chin, and lifted her head until she was staring him in the eyes.  “If you stop humming you can stay,” he gave her a wink.

          She gave him a small, simple smile and nodded before stepping back from him. “I will be quiet sir.” She said as she turned away from him and started down another aisle.

          “Wait!” He called after her.

          “Yes,” she turned back to him bowing once more.

          “What’s your name?”

          She turned and smiled. “My name…is Jasmine.”  

 I hope you enjoyed this mini-chapter of how Jasmine met the Prince.  

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